Indigenous Relations

We are proud of the relationships we’ve built with Indigenous groups and are committed to providing business, employment and training opportunities to the people on whose lands we operate.

West is a certified aboriginal business with the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business and a validated indigenous business with the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Department of the Government of Canada. West can be found in the Aboriginal Business Directory which is maintained by the Government of Canada through the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses.

To qualify, West can demonstrate:

-51% or more aboriginal ownership with majority voting control; and

-Proof of aboriginal heritage of owner(s) and recognized by the Government of Canada.

Indigenous Engagement Strategy

West is committed to championing the communities in which we work through engagement with Indigenous communities and respects their unique and diverse cultural values. Recognizing the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and cooperation. Since 1973, West has been actively engaging with Indigenous communities across western Canada, building relationships, establishing long-term beneficial partnerships and helping our clients meet their commitments to communities. West’s engagement with Indigenous communities is guided by the following key principles:


Develop long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect

Open Communication:

Communication that is honest, transparent, respectful and responsive


Respect Indigenous communities’ connection to the land and water, and strive to promote the balance between the environment and the economy

Employment, Training, and Business Opportunities:

Prioritize the employment and training of community members and the utilization of Indigenous business in the West supply chain. Through the creation of opportunities within the communities in which West works, West contributes to the long-term economic sustainability of the entire community that extends beyond the local partnership.