Culture of Safety

We ensure that all stakeholders understand and accept their respective roles and responsibilities in continuously improving our Health and Safety performance, as well as holding one another accountable relative to such roles and responsibilities.

Consecutive LTI Free Hours: 2,596,404 [January 2022]

2022 External Audit 95%

2021 External Audit 95%

3 Year TRIF [2019-2021] 1.83

West maintains an Energy Safety Canada Certificate of Recognition ("COR") in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan with the most recent external audit achieving a 95% overall score. West is committed to operate in a manner that protects the health and safety of our employees, clients, contractors, the public and the environment. Our health and safety management system is based on the following principles:

-Management Commitment and Leadership

-Worker Training and Competency

-Continuous Improvement

Our management recognizes and accepts the overall responsibility for the health and safety of our workers and those affected by our operations and are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace. As our industry experiences increasing WCB claims costs and TRIF’s, we continue to perform better than industry and have 3.0 million lost time incident free work hours and a 3-year trailing TRIF of 1.83.

West believes that our people are the greatest investment to strengthening our safety culture. We perform Fitness for Work Assessments, provide each worker with industry leading training and ensure the continued competence of all workers representing us and our clients on a worksite. We believe that equipping workers with the skills to make safe decisions remains at the core of our operations and is reflected in our client’s success.

Continuous improvement, centered on effective and regular inspections and audits across all levels of our organization has proven to provide a foundation of accountability and strong investment in our HSE culture. We believe safety programs that are disconnected from operations can become stagnant and a burden on those implementing them on a daily basis, so we engage workers and vendors across all levels to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our health and safety management systems and tools that include, but are not limited to, SafetySync.