West has taken the lead in this emerging discipline of UAVs and has become an early adopter and is licensed to fly. We fly, drive and float with some of the most sophisticated technology on the market for a safer and faster deliverable. This service includes UAVs and UMVs, 2D and 3D modelling, Progress measurements, Waterbody depth surveys including 3D models and cross sections, tailing ponds, borrow pits, reservoirs, Volumes, Sedimentation change detection, 3D model and profiles, Hazardous water operation in swift, contaminated environmentally sensitive and difficult to access water, Underwater object detection and imagery, Bridge or asset inspection, Vegetation monitoring using Colour Infrared and NDVI image.

3D Scanning

Whether collecting data from a helicopter or a boat, West provides accurate data and models without environmental disturbance. This service includes Manned aircraft scanning including fixed wing or helicopters, Mobile scanning including trucks, ATVs and boats, Terrestrial scanning, As-built design, Architecture and culture heritage documentation, Civil engineering and monitoring, Topography and mining. Collecting millions of accurate 3D points allows us to create incredibly detailed virtual environments, putting us at the leading-edge of geomatics technology. This service includes Industrial as-builts, Asset management, Construction verification, and Structural monitoring.


Remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges to the Earth. These light pulses—combined with other data recorded by the airborne system — generate precise, three-dimensional information about the shape of the Earth and its surface characteristics.


Our GIS team can support clients' initiatives through data development, translation, warehousing, integration or on-line access through ArcGIS. Our services include, Composite Mapping, Pipeline Integrity and Construction Programs, Facilities Site Planning and Route Selection, Access Mapping and Planning, Mapping for Regulatory Approvals, Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery, Emergency Response Mapping and Notification, and CAD to GIS Projects. We use LiDAR and 3-D mapping to achieve the ultimate in resolution and realism. Maps are completely customized to your project, indicating existing oil and natural gas wells and pipelines, property boundaries - plus any other information you request. We can also overlay historical and land ownership information on a satellite image or photograph, creating a clear view of your project. GIS technology allows us to improve our decision-making, create cost savings for clients and manage projects with accuracy. Along with our GIS software, we can better understand the spaces where we work and answer questions with confidence. At the core of our offerings, our Spatial Analysis service is all about finding the optimal route or selecting the best spot for a new plant build. Based on project scope, we provide our expertise to identify challenges and solve problems by creating intuitive project data management services. This service includes Change / progress detection, Well & pad optimized design, Drainage analysis, Data collection Web based mapping (2D and 3D), Spatial Analysis, Paper Maps, Spatial optimization, Cut / fill, Drainage / hydrology, Pile / pit volumes, Public engagement, Crowd sourcing, Asset management, Field data collector apps, Field conditions assessments, Wayfinding, BIM Building Information Modeling, Project data management, Integrated site plans, Land use maps.


From data collection to final deliverable, West's custom mapping products can help you identify key features of your project area, including sensitive areas, important boundaries, routes, and more. We can transform your project data into presentation-ready, interactive maps. This includes Aerial mapping, Topographic, planimetric mapping, Terrestrial scanning, Point clouds, Orthophotography, 3D Orthophoto colorized DEM, 3D structure models, Volume calculations, Pipeline mapping, and Transmission line mapping.

Bathymetric Surveys

Our dual frequency echosounder can achieve up to 200 m depth and mitigate false readings. West's unmanned portable boat are up for any complex watercourse. West can perform bathymetric mapping, scour surveys, depth of cover surveys, sedimentation volume surveys, etc.

Real Time Monitoring

We use our tools and systems to actively assess environmental conditions in order to control the risk of pollution, assess the environmental impact of an organization's activities, or study environmental trends.