Well abandonment refers to the process in which assets on the surface and downhole are retired in a manner to protect health, safety and the environment. Our team of specialists has familiarity with both simple and complex abandonment solutions and we are able to utilize our relationships and history to source significant savings for our clients.


Decommissioning involves the process of removing all surface infrastructure and equipment from a site. This includes facilities, pipelines, piles, as well as salvaging any goods and materials on site.


This includes information gathering to estimate the likelihood, types and location of surface and/or subsurface contamination that may be present at a site and adjoining land and provides a basis for evaluating the need for additional assessment or site remedial measures. The main components are a records review, a site visit and evaluation of information and reporting.


With extensive experience and knowledge of applicable regulations, guidelines and industry standards, our environmental professionals work with both industrial and civil clients to provide effective solutions for contamination assessment and remediation. We utilize alternative assessment and remediation methods wherever feasible to set West apart as an industry leader. This service includes Risk assessment and risk management, Asset retirement obligation management, Phase I, II, and III environmental site assessments, Hazardous material surveys, abatement and demolition management, Soil, sediment, soil vapour, and groundwater monitoring programs, Site-specific in-situ/ex-situ contaminated site management and solutions, Soil salinity assessments and remediation, Spill response and site restoration, remedial action plans, remediation options and strategy development, soil and groundwater remediation design and implementation - in situ and ex situ.


Reclamation is key to site closure and to ensure the return to healthy, functioning ecosystems. West has the reclamation expertise and regulatory experience to successfully reclaim sites within various land uses, including agricultural and natural areas. This services includes Reclamation planning, programs and supervision, Vegetation identification and monitoring, Detailed site assessments and reclamation assessments, Certificate of restoration services, Reclamation certificate application services, Professional declarations, reclamation and closure plans, detailed site assessments (DSAs), vegetation monitoring, supervision and coordination of wellbore cut and cap projects, and reclamation certificate applications.

Liability Management

When it comes to Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO) West is second to none. We have a unique and customized Liability Management approach with regards to the Alberta based Directive 88 mandatory spend program and the Saskatchewan Inactive Liability Reduction Program. Our team of experts has the capability of analyzing clients assets/liabilities and tailoring a customized solution to significantly increase book value.